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Liposuction is the easiest way to remove fat from specific areas of the body where other treatments and methods haven’t been effective enough. Women and men frequently have struggles with disappearing abdominal fat, which is one of the sections of the body that has the most of surgeries done in the world.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure to enhance the body figure by removing fat that has been difficult to eliminate through diet and workouts.

Although it is believed that liposuction is the ultimate solution for losing weight, in fact this is a technique that aims to sculpt different parts of the body by eliminating excess fat, so that it is not just a way for getting thin but a procedure to shape the human figure by dissolving accumulated fat in very specific areas.

Regarding methods to change the shape of the abdominal area, liposuction is wide less invasive than abdominoplasty and other procedures alike, specially because it only aims to eliminate fat from determined sections of the body, the reason why this is not the technique recommended for those that want to lose several pounds.

Also, this is not an effective procedure to eliminate hanging skin or stretch marks or cellulite, because no lifting or elongation is done when the quirurgical intervention take place.


To start the process, a small stainless steel tube is inserted through little incisions done over the skin. Tubes extract fat excess, which are suck out with a medical or surgical vacuum machine or a syringe. Due to the fact that liposuction is considered an ambulatory procedure, it is exceptional when the patient has to stay all night, this only happens when too much adipose tissue is extracted in one session.

Often liposuction is done alongside other surgical interventions to generate better body-shaping results, such as abdominoplasty and buttock augmentation, in those cases, the recovery might take more time.


In the US, a liposuction surgery is rated between $2,500 and $7,000 depending on different factors, including the size of the area that is going to be treated, the hospital where the operation is done, the costs of the participation of the anesthesiologist, the geographical localization of the patient. For example, abdomen and buttocks are more expensive to sculpt than the neck or the chin.

This kind of medical intervention in countries of Latin America, such as Peru, might cost around 50% less that what it might cost in the US or countries from Europe, where liposuctions are around 3,000 euros.

Due to the fact that liposuction is an optional procedure it is not covered by any health insurance.Also, the way how charges are done depend on the doctor’s office. Payment options and prices vary according to the number of interventions done at the same time and bills are used to include prescribed medicine and post-operatory implements, such as girdles.


After having a liposuction, it is common to have an elastic compression bandage to diminish swelling and compressing the skin and contours of the body that were treated. Also, doctors leave drains in the incisions done to remove the excess of fluids and blood that can accumulate after the surgery.

Moreover, you might be advise by your doctor to:

  • Take care of those drains in an appropriate way.
  • Treat the area that was operated in order to avoid any complication.
  • Be alert and careful to different signs and symptoms that might signify an infection.
  • Take medicines effectively to help your injuries heal.
  • Attend to the medical office with an specific frequency.

The time of recovery depends on the quantity of fat that is extracted and the area that is treated. It is recommended for patients not to go to work for some weeks, but in some cases people only need some days to get back. The duration of the official medical rest has to be with doctor’s decisions and suggestions, which are extremely important to heal as fast as possible.

Patients might not see any immediate results because swelling and bruises are common just after the surgery, but the worst part of the swelling period usually disappears in a few days and it keeps getting slower progressively. However, it is likely that people can see a little inflammation even 9 months after the surgical intervention.

In terms of the sensations of pain, due to the nature of liposuction, it is very common that patients feel a little bit sore when the recovery period starts. Most people says that the worst part of the experience is during the first two days after the surgery and they experience a decreasement of the pain with the pass of the weeks. However it is not often that people have any intense sharp pains and when it happens, it usually has to be with sort kind of infection or complication with the healing process.

In that order of ideas, people that decide to have a liposuction done have to be very patient and calm about the results because, although it is not a complicated surgery, recovery takes a progressive and extended time to be completed, so that it is very common that patients attend to the medical office with disappointment and annoyance. This delayed process of recovery is something that people that is considering to have a lipo have to pay attention to.


The best candidates for liposuctions are those who feel very close to their ideal weight but are struggling with the elimination of the excess of fat that is hard to remove. This surgical experience will give anyone a perfectly sculpted shape to enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

This method is the key to unlock the ultimate level of body perfection and many models and famous personalities have found that this procedure has the secret formula to shape their figure into the best version of it. So if you’re looking for an A-class body, this might be the ideal cosmetic intervention for you.


Liposuction can be done to any healthy man or woman whose body mass index is not higher than 27. There’s no age limit for those that intend to have a liposuction, but it is important to keep in mind that aging means the loss of skin elasticity, which might be a problem during the recovery phase and can lead to have unsatisfying results when expectations are not aligned with possibilities.

The consumption of drugs and smoking can generate complications during the surgical interventions and the recovery process, so patients are likely to be told to leave cigarettes even months before the operation, in order to prevent any possible inconvenient.

Also it is important to stand out that the results of this method are not completely immediate and the healing process is long, so patience is needed to experience a calm and psychologically positive recovery.


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