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Breast augmentation also known as augmentation mammoplasty, it is one of the most required plastic surgeries amongst women, and is considered the second in the world. The reason why a woman decides to have breast surgery is mostly because she is not happy with her appearance.

It is either because they have a difference in size between both breasts, and a very small or large size. Occasionally as a result of pregnancy the breasts lose their natural shape, those may be among the reasons.

Usually breast augmentation is performed with implants consisting of a bag filled either with sterile saline water (saline) or a material called silicone and the surgery is done in an ambulatory surgery clinic or in a hospital.


It consists of a surgery performed on the breasts to improve some aspect of their appearance.Mammoplasty can be done to reduce the size of the breasts because of the woman’s discomfort.

It can also be to restate sagging breasts or to adjust the size in case of inequality. Although mammoplasty is usually performed to increase their size with breast implants, this is what usually surgeons call breast augmentation.

It basically consists in a set of surgical techniques that have as a purpose to shape, reconstruct, model and “sculpt” the breast of the person whenever the need is presented: an increase, reduction, lifting or reconstruction, always preserving their anatomy.


Depending on what you look for with the operation there may be different processes to perform it. In case of breast augmentation surgery, for example:

  • In the most frequent technique, the surgeon makes an incision in the lower part of the breast, on the natural skin fold. The implant is placed through this opening. Although it can also be placed through an incision under the arm.


  • The size of the implant is chosen according to the decision of the patient and the surgeon, who is responsable for selecting a suitable size according to the physical and anatomical balance of the person.


  • An endoscope can also be used, which consists of a tool with a camera and surgical instruments at the end. The implant may also be placed through an opening made with a cut around the edge of the areola, in the darkened area.


  • After about 40 minutes into surgery, the adjusting bra is placed with the dressings (cotton or foam dressings) on the niples. Some time ago the girdles were used and massages were done but no longer frequently.


  • After 6 hours of operation the person is sent home, if he / she presents the right conditions. The patient should know what are the postoperative instructions to care for the operative work.

In case of decreasing the breast size of the patient, the elimination of fat and mammary tissue is practiced.


The reduction oscillates between $4,000 and similarly in the case of breast augmentation. However, it can vary between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000.


After the intervention, the postoperative process takes place, this period of time is vital for the results. It is very important that the patient feels safety and tranquility in the space where he/she will recover.

In addition to having support from family, friends or responsible ones, the patient cannot perform all daily activities. Eating, grooming, sleeping and sudden or heavy movements should require help.

Rest is essential, avoid wearing tight clothing. Comfort is necessary so it is important to wear loose and light clothing.

Adequate temperature, pillows with a 40-degree chest elevation and the use of a surgical sleeping support is recommended.

Postoperative bras have an important part, because they are in charge of making the ergonomic support according to the implant. This support gives the bust an optimum figure without generating harm or mistreatment.

After lymphatic maneuvers, bras are necessary to correct the position.

Communication with the doctor is basic, that is why patient-physician integration is important for the follow-up of the recovery. The patient should inform the specialist about the progress and doubts.

If there is any change that is considered positive or negative it is important to comment on it. Although the doctor must also give the patient an induction about the recovery process.


  • To sleep on your back


  • The bra must be worn for at least one month


  • It is important to move, but not excessively, you should avoid pressure on the wounds.


  • To speed up the healing process it is important not to consume alcohol or smoke.


  • The patient should avoid the sea and swimming pools for at least 15 days, in the same way the sun for the following months.


All patients are different, that is, surgery on the breasts will not be the same in all people.

While other people are perfect with one size, others need something smaller. While girls can recover faster, others require more care and attention. We all have different bodies.

The physical structure of each person plays a very important role, the rib cage is different. And speaking of other health products, it is important to know how the body of the patient works, because they all usually respond in different ways.

The professional level of your surgeon can not be taken for granted, you must be aware of who touches your body. It must be a specialized person with the necessary experience and recognition.

Your welfare, your life, is at stake. Listen to experiences and advice; never resort to misleading offers that may not have the necessary healing. You must be aware of the state of the room where you are going to be operated and also of the people who will be present.

Once you know your doctor, tell him what you want, he will give you a series of clinical tests. These tests are essential to know the state of your health and if your body is fit for intervention.

The size of your breasts (if it is an increase) should be aligned with your spine and proportional to your body. The fact that the surgery is ambulatory does not mean that it does not carry serious risks.


Usually when a patient undergoes this type of surgery as breast augmentation, she does it because something causes her distrust. For that reason the results can make the person more confident of themselves and show it.

If you feel better, you will look better, because we convey what we feel. You will not worry about that aspect of your body, this will make you free and you will feel more complete and happy.

Just improving your appearance can empower you. Well, many people believe that mammoplasty is synonymous with vanity. But the reality is that there are patients with real problems, like a difference in size, for example.

A cancer survivor is not a vain case … the possibilities are endless.


If you want to have this surgical procedure of the hand of a plastic surgeon in Lima Perú as the Dr. Cesar Calderón, contact us at: 951685382 o  tlf: (044) 422760 and get a date.

A mammoplasty may be the solution to that problem that has always haunted you. But at the moment of practicing it you must be sure of what you want to achieve and of who will be the sculptor of your body.
In addition, keep in mind the time you have to devote to recovery, so that everything is perfect. Good luck!

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