Karol Rivera

Thank you so much Doc. Cesar Calderon for absolutely everything. I’m from the US NY found Dr Calderon and heard great things about him. I’m so glad I did. The surgery itself was amazing. I did not feel a thing, it was quick and the recovery time was amazing. He was very soothing, the whole entire staff itself. You/he has hands of angel, because he did an amazing job and I’m so happy with the results. Thank you, thank you so much for everything and definitely, I will recommend him to others!


Very happy with the results, sincerely i am very grateful to you Doctor César Calderón, my nose was very natural. When i saw your page, i was convinced by the naturalness of each job you do. Follow the successes. I am a super happy patient. I arrived by recommendation and by his page and everything was as i was told, excellent attention and the team that worked with you also treated me with kindness always.

Mirtha Vigo

Excellent work of Dr. César Calderón, a great plastic surgeon. I was very happy with his work, thank you for giving me the condifence to trust in his magical hands that made my face look better than it was. Manny Blessings to continue the success.