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Likewise, not only has the variety increased in types of plastic surgery the range of processes is also wide. They are observed from the simplest to the most complex processes.

From the most expensive to the most economical, everything to adapt to the social needs that change every day. So if you are thinking of changing that part of your body that bothers you, you should consult your options.



As we mentioned, it is important to be clear about the procedure we need. Well, there are now a variety of different interventions. Many with similar aims,  but with completely different processes.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are available for almost all in situ problems in your body, but most surgeries focus on one of these three specific areas commonly:

1) Breasts, breasts or bust.

2) Abdomen

3) Face


These types of plastic surgeries are performed on men’s breasts or women’s breasts. That is, you work only in the upper area of ​​the human body.
In the case of women, a proper breast size influences the balance and beauty of your body. For that reason it is one of the most requested surgery for the women

Throughout the life of the woman the breasts are presenting variations. Increasing volume in the premenstrual period and especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Generally, breast augmentations are the most frequent, but reductions also take place.

Men who practice this type of surgery do it for excess fat accumulated in the chest. This situation causes them much discomfort, because it makes them look feminine


It consists of the introduction of mammary prostheses whether these are silicone gel or saline solution.

This prosthesis can be placed through the nipple, through an incision under the breast or through the navel technique.

It is located below the mammary gland, which allows the patient to breastfeed without causing any problems to her child.

The size of the prosthesis is varied and will depend on the decision of the specialist and the patient.


It refers to the reduction of very large breasts that can harm the spine and its correct position. Back pain is common in these women. It is done by reducing the size of the breasts eliminating fat, tissue and skin.


The abdomen is one of the areas that cause more discomfort in patients. Many times, the abdomen and its skin has stretched so much that it is not possible to get a natural repair.

Whether due to pregnancy or excessive weight changes, abdominal surgery may be the option.

The abdomen is one of the greatest mortifications for men and women who take care of their body. Many people do not quickly achieve the desired results and decide to help themselves with surgery.

A thin abdomen and defined abdomen is the dream of many. In addition, it is also possible to disappear the stretch marks of the area.

On the other hand, the variety in the type of interventions of the abdomen allows you to achieve what you want.

You could even perform the muscle tension procedure to make your abdomen look firmer. You can eliminate excess skin, remodel your navel, among many other options.


Also called abdominal dermolipectomy, it is a complex surgical procedure to reconstruct the abdominal wall that helps reduce loose skin of the abdomen, reshape hips and eliminate stretch marks and abdominal fat.


Refers to the suctioning of excess fat from localized areas. It is a very common procedure in our time and with very satisfactory results. And with regard to liposculpture is nothing other than rearranging fat with very thin cannulas.


 It is made with a special cannula that produces ultrasonic energy.

As it passes through the treated areas. Ultrasound causes the adipose cells to burst. In this way, the fat is liquefied and then extracted with the traditional technique.


Uses the same philosophy of ultrasound (treatment of fat cells by destruction). But in the case of the laser, burning them, then suck the dissolved fat.


Is a method that facilitates to the surgeon a faster aspiration. A hydraulic machine is used, which gives the cannula a reciprocating movement of 2 mm.


Our face is the welcome letter we present to the world. It is also what we see daily when we are in front of the mirror. That is why our appearance matters a lot and can lead to self-esteem problems.
Sometimes we are not satisfied with our nature, and these kinds of changes you can not get in a gym. An undesirable feature, a mismatch of sizes, an irregular nose, a malformation or injury can be a big problem for many.

The face reflects everything that we are and we have lived, it is even possible to get to look older than we are. All this is a consequence of the lines of expression that are manifested in common areas in the face.
All these details can be modified with facelift. We can improve that trait that bothers us. And we can even look younger.

The detail in this surgery is that it looks as natural as possible, that it was not noticed that an intervention was performed


Cosmetic surgery of the nose can treat the back, tip and septum, depending on the alterations that it presents, and can be of diminution or increase. Its main objective is to achieve the greatest harmonic effect.

This operation consists of an incision made in the nasal mucosa. The skin is peeled off, excess bone and cartilage are removed from the back. And then the cartilage from the tip of the nose is remodeled.


May be augmentation or reduction.

When the procedure is to increase, the use of implants is used. When the chin is very small and the magnification should be greater than 10 mm, it is better to perform a sliding mentoplasty.

As with augmentation surgery, the reduction surgery begins with an internal incision in the mouth. The surgeon separates the bone from the tip of the chin and gives it shape.

Excess bone is removed to improve the proportion and the tip of the bone is located. Finally the incisions are sutured.


Performed on the eyelid area to rejuvenate the expression and correct imperfections. It refers to any procedure that modifies or gives appearance to the eyes.

It can be used to remove the bags that form on the eyelids. The protrusion of the bags and the sagging of the skin around the eyes. Blepharoplasty is classified as upper and lower.

The upper one is responsible for working the upper eyelids. The purpose of this intervention is to remove excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids. As for the lower, it is performed on the lower eyelids to remove a spare part of the skin.  


Is the most frequent surgery in children, and is nothing other than the correction of the ears in blow or prominent. Can be performed from the age of six years.

Without a doubt, plastic surgery is a gift from science. Every day new options and mechanisms come up that you cannot miss. Also, do not forget to never abuse these processes and respect your body.

Here it was possible to know in a brief way a little about the types of surgeries more frequent today. However, once you have selected your surgeon, it is important to share information and clarify doubts. 

Between both will arrive at the best solution for that detail that is so much complexed. Good luck

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